The mission of DACE is to become, through professional management, the preferred supplier of gate operating equipment and accessories in our targeted market and to provide our customers with exceptional quality and service excellence, thereby ensuring the future of our company.

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We are committed to a policy of total quality management. Quality attainment is a team effort and all sections of the organisation must adhere and contribute to the quality requirements. In fulfilment of this policy, we will ensure that:

  • Goods and services are supplied to meet their intended purpose, stated performance criteria and in conformance with the requirements of the customer.
  • Objectives will be set annually to achieve the aims of the quality policy.
  • Results are evaluated and reviewed with the objective for continual improvement of the Company’s operations, products and service to its customers.
  • A level of quality awareness and commitment is achieved among all company personnel.
  • Management will work in partnership with our Customers to enhance their respect and loyalty.
  • Make data-driven decisions that will maximize our opportunities for success.
  • Maintain beneficial supplier partnerships to assure that our needs and expectations for products and services are met.


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