DACE Ultima HT18/36 – High Endurance Gate Motor, 2 Transmitters and 4m Rack


Effortless Entry in Seconds: Power & Speed: Experience the robust performance of the Ultima HT18/36. This high-powered motor tackles gates up to 600kg with ease. On 24V, it delivers impressive speed opening gates at up to 36m/min. Even on 12V (battery included), it operates smoothly at 18 meters per minute. This complete kit with rack ensures years of reliable operation.

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Experience the perfect blend of power, security, and smart functionality with the DACE Ultima HT18/36 sliding gate opener and included rack.
This high-performance system is ideal for everyday use in residential areas, especially for gates on the heavier side. The Ultima HT18/36 boasts impressive strength, capable of handling gates weighing up to 600kg. It also delivers impressive speed, opening a 300kg, 4-meter gate in under 7 seconds when operating on 24V. It functions smoothly at 18 meters per minute on the included 12V battery.
Everything You Need for Installation: This complete kit includes the Ultima HT18/36 motor, a 4m rack, foundation plate, 12V battery, remote transmitters, and mounting hardware for a hassle-free installation experience.
Built to Last: Crafted with high-quality materials, the Ultima HT18/36 ensures long-lasting performance. The durable construction and UV-resistant polymer gearbox can withstand the elements, minimizing wear and tear.
Advanced Security Features & Functionality: This system prioritizes safety and security with features like Securi-Lock and built-in current and speed sensing technology. These features prevent unauthorized access and ensure safe operation by stopping the gate immediately if it encounters an obstruction. Additionally, the Ultima HT18/36 boasts auto-close functionality for added peace of mind.
Smart Access Control: The Ultima HT18/36 goes beyond simple automation. It features a built-in time management system that allows you to program access schedules. This feature provides ultimate peace of mind by specifying who can enter your property on specific days and times.
Additional Features:
• 12V Battery Included: The Ultima HT18/36 kit comes with a convenient 12V battery to power the system. For an increased speed of 36 meters per minute on gates weighing 300kg or less, a 24V battery can be used.
• 2-Year Warranty: The DACE Ultima HT18/36 is backed by a 2-year factory warranty for your peace of mind.
• Trusted Brand: DACE, the manufacturer (Dura Access Control Equipment), has been a leader in gate automation solutions since 1996, providing reliable products at affordable prices.
The DACE Ultima HT18/36 with rack is the ideal solution for home-owners seeking a secure, convenient, and intelligent way to automate their heavier sliding gates. Upgrade your entryway today and experience the benefits of effortless gate operation!

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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 32,5 × 22,4 × 35 cm


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