Using cutting edge technology, D.A.C.E. manufactures state of the art gate and garage door motors as well as access control solutions to enhance the security and convenience of your property.

Why choose D.A.C.E. gate and garage door openers?

  • Our advanced technology ensures smooth and efficient gate and garage door operation.
  • Our gate and garage door motors are equipped with features that deter unauthorized access, providing you with a sense of security and control.
  • D.A.C.E. motors seamlessly integrate with various access control systems, giving you the flexibility of choosing the access method that best suits your needs and allowing you to efficiently maintain control over your property.
  • Our motors are known for their durability and exceptional reliability, providing years of trouble free operation.

With more than 27 years experience, we remain committed to delivering top quality and technically advanced products to meet your unique needs.


Sliding Gate Operator

Effortless Gate Entry Control

Experience the convenience of automated access control with our high-performance sliding gate motors. We offer a range of models to suit different gate sizes and weight capacities, ensuring smooth and reliable operation for your driveway or commercial entrance.


Swing gate operators

Unmatched Reliability at an Affordable Price

The DuraSwing motor is our trusted solution for swing gate automation. This high quality yet cost-effective option delivers years of reliable performance, keeping your property secure and your entryways convenient.


Garage Door Operators

Effortless Garage Access

Upgrade your garage with our user-friendly and reliable Lux series garage door motor. Choose from four models designed to seamlessly integrate with your sectional or roll-up garage door. Enjoy features like remote control operation and safety sensors for a smooth and secure experience.


Operator Accessories

Complete Your Gate or Garage Door System

We provide a comprehensive selection of replacement parts and accessories for all our motors, including the Ultima, Sprint, the Lux series of garage door motors, and the DuraSwing. This ensures you can maintain your system’s optimal performance and extend its lifespan.