DACE DuraSwing – Double Outward Swing Motor Kit With Pedestals


Effortless Entry in Seconds: Automate your driveway with the DuraSwing Double Outward Swing motor kit. This secure system opens gates up to 5 meters wide in just 14 seconds, built to last over 10 years. The complete kit includes everything for installation on pedestals, for a convenient and reliable solution. (Note: Due to the size, this kit ships in multiple boxes.)

DuraSwing Double Outward Swing Motor Kit with Pedestals: Effortless Entry at Your Fingertips

Open your driveway gates with ease and confidence using the DuraSwing Double Outward Swing Motor Kit with Pedestals. This complete solution automates your entryway, allowing for smooth and secure access to your property.

Key Features:
Powerful Performance: Effortlessly opens double swing gates up to 2.5 meters per leaf (total width of 5 meters) within a remarkable 14 seconds.

Long-lasting Durability: Built with superior materials and engineering, the DuraSwing boasts a lifespan exceeding 10 years, ensuring reliable operation for years to come.

Safety First: Anti-crush technology and automatic obstacle detection ensure safe operation, stopping the gate immediately upon sensing an obstruction.

Convenient Operation: Control your gate with the included remote transmitters, allowing for effortless entry and exit from your driveway.

Complete Kit: Everything you need for installation is included in the box, including pedestals, crank arms, con-rods, battery, and gate brackets.

Pedestal Mounting: Designed for a clean and secure installation, the pedestals provide a stable base for the motors, ensuring proper operation.

Peace of Mind: The DuraSwing offers features like an auto-close function and party mode for ultimate control over your gate's operation.

Additional Benefits:
Easy Installation: The DuraSwing is designed for a user-friendly installation process. Refer to the included manual and online resources for detailed instructions.

Expandable System: The DuraSwing is compatible with additional accessories like infrared safety beams for enhanced safety and additional remotes for multi-user access.

Reliable Brand: DACE is a renowned leader in gate automation solutions, providing trusted products for over a decade.

The DuraSwing Double Outward Swing Motor Kit with Pedestals is the perfect solution for homeowners seeking a secure, convenient, and reliable way to automate their driveway gates.

Upgrade your entryway today and experience the benefits of effortless access with the DuraSwing!
Note: Due to the size and weight of the components, this product ships in multiple boxes.

Additional information

Weight 36,44 kg
Dimensions 36 × 52 × 30 cm

Note, this product is supplied as a number of packages.


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