DACE Semi Wireless Safety Beams, 20m range, Dual output, Ideal for solar


Prevent gate accidents with South Africa’s most trusted Semi-Wireless Safety Beams! They feature extremely low power consumption, long range (20m), non critical alignment, configurable dual output, ideal for solar installations and a long battery life (up to 5 years) with low battery warning.

DACE Semi-Wireless Safety Beams: Top-rated Safety for Your Automatic Gates

Protect your property and ensure smooth gate operation with DACE's Semi-Wireless Safety Beams. These innovative beams are recognized as one of the best safety beam solutions in South Africa, offering exceptional features and reliable performance.

Key Benefits:

Unmatched Safety: DuraOptic beams prevent accidents by instantly detecting obstacles in the path of your automatic gate, ensuring it stops before making contact.
Long-Range Detection: With a maximum range of 20 meters, these beams provide ample coverage for most driveway entrances.
Wireless Convenience: The transmitter module is completely battery-powered, eliminating the need for complex wiring and simplifying installation.
Long Battery Life: Enjoy peace of mind with batteries that last up to 5 years in the transmitter module, minimizing maintenance needs.
Low Battery Warning: The receiver unit provides a clear visual indication when the transmitter batteries are running low, allowing you to replace them proactively.
Flexible Installation: The beams can be programmed for either immediate or delayed response, making them suitable for various environments (e.g., avoiding triggering by birds flying through the beam).
Power-Saving Options: In solar-powered installations, the open collector output allows for efficient power consumption by connecting directly to the gate operator, bypassing the relay.
Multiple Output Options: Choose between relay or open collector outputs to best suit your gate operator's requirements.
Easy Alignment: Three built-in LEDs on the modules simplify alignment during installation.
Durable Design: The weatherproof housing safeguards the beams from harsh outdoor conditions.
Temporary Override: In case of transmitter battery failure, a convenient Near Field Technology (NFT) feature allows for temporary beam override using your gate remote.

DACE DuraOptic Semi-Wireless Safety Beams are the perfect choice for homeowners and businesses seeking a reliable and user-friendly safety solution for their automatic gates. Their superior performance, long battery life, and flexible configuration options make them a top choice in South Africa.

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